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Companion Care: A Multi-faceted Care Option for Seniors


The pandemic affected heaps of individuals around the globe in terms of mental health. While the restrictions have lightened, may we never forget the lesson COVID-19 brought upon us loneliness is a silent killer. Let us reach out to the people we love regularly, especially our senior loved ones; They are most vulnerable to being alone. When every member of the family is occupied with tasks from work, school, or business, assigning a companion for them is the best choice.

  • Physical Health
    Companions are trained to provide home care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With this, you can ensure that your loved ones’ needs are attended promptly. Whether it is meal preparation, exercise, housekeeping, or daily living assistance, they are well-versed in providing care to them.
  • Emotional Health
    We are at our happiest when we are with our friends and families. But as we age, the time we spend with them declines. Aside from time, physical limitations also prevent us from meeting them. A companion can help fill that need. Gaining a friend is never too late in the waning years of life.
  • Mental health
    Home care non-medical services in Pennsylvania not only cover assistance with physical health but also mentally. Puzzles, board games, and brisk walking are good for our brains. Companions are willing to play with your seniors to keep them mentally sharp.

Our companions at Trusty Companion Home Care have a genuine concern for the elders. Your loved ones are in good hands. Need a companion for them? Reach out.

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