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Mental Health Care for Senior Patients


Part of what slows down a senior’s recovery process is their willingness to take part in it. Why do seniors refuse help despite their struggles? There could be many reasons. Accepting help could further emphasize their loss of independence, or they might think they’re a burden, and some have very depressing thoughts like no longer having the will to continue with life. All of this points to the elderly having poor mental health.

Having persisting mental health problems has negative effects, including a greater risk of the person’s mental and physical decline, that is why the programs of our Home Care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, are purposely made to promote the overall wellness of our patients.

In boosting the brain’s health, caregivers who are assigned with Daily Living Assistance teach senior patients to develop healthy habits. Some of the activities that elevate an elderly’s mood is walking, committing to perform daily exercises, and consuming a nutrient-rich diet. According to studies, increased physical activities can reduce the risk of developing depression among the elderly.

Our Non-Medical Services in Pennsylvania also ensure that our patients get to enjoy their free time, by providing companionship. We engage them in conversations or ask if there’s a book they would like to read. Letting them interact with peers and participating in volunteer work to give back to the community also improves their mental health.

For reliable and effective senior care, reach out to us here in Trusty Companion Home Care.

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