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Senior Care: Fall Prevention Tips for Seniors

Seniors are prone to falls due to the physical changes caused by aging. In fact, one of the leading causes of hospital admissions in seniors is because of falls. It can lead to injuries and may worsen a medical condition.

Below are some helpful tips you can follow to reduce your risk of falls at home:

  • Make sure to install good lighting on stairways, walkways, and other living spaces inside your home. This will help prevent falls because you are able to see what is in front of you.
  • Clean the clutter in your living spaces. Unnecessary clutter on the floor, such as old newspapers, magazines, books, and shoes, might cause you to slip or trip, which could lead to severe injuries.
  • Install grab bars or railings in the bathroom. The bathroom floor can be extremely slippery when wet. If you don’t have something to grasp onto inside the bathroom, you’re likely to slip and fall.
  • Check your home for tripping hazards. Some home fixtures can contribute to falls. That is why it is very important to examine every room for things like loose carpets and slippery rugs. It is best to remove or replace these fixtures to ensure your safety.

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