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Better Care: Why Companionship Makes Sense

better-care-why-companionship-makes-senseCompanions have been around for a long time – you may have seen your neighbors or friends having someone to look after their senior parents or homebound family members. Different reasons compel the family or the patient to seek companionship services. No matter what it is, the need or preference should be established to set clear expectations.

A companion can do a lot more aside from providing daily living assistance. Under our care, our companions assist the clients in providing emotional and mental health support.

If the alternative is loneliness and isolation, a companion makes sense. Seniors and other family members living on their own may enjoy freedom and independence but nothing beats the warmth of having company. Prolonged loneliness can be difficult to deal with and it may affect the individual’s health.

If the alternative is missing out on important medications, a companion makes sense. We sometimes underestimate the importance of simple tasks – how one pill can ensure our health or recovery. For patients having trouble managing multiple medications, having someone to stay on top of it is a sure help.

If the alternative is living in a dangerous situation, a companion makes sense. As we age, we lose some of our functions which makes us vulnerable. To perform daily tasks without hurting ourselves or getting into an accident, we may need the assistance of others.

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