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Keeping the Senior’s Nutrition on Top


A senior’s health should be the top priority. However, not all seniors are game in the changes of their lifestyle as they grow older. Not all are fond of going green and healthy. Some are too lazy to do light exercises. That is why, as a provider of non-medical services in Pennsylvania, we make sure to keep the senior’s nutritious diet on top.

We understand that there are elderly who are stubborn when it comes to the food they eat. Seniors will have weird cravings and would want to eat generally unhealthy food. As a home care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, this is one of our struggles. But we challenged ourselves to be creative in handling their meal preparation. Here are some tips to improve your senior’s nutrition.

  • Assess what should constitute their daily diet and remove the unhealthy options. Replace them with healthy ones but are excellent for their taste.
  • Keep track of what they consume. It is okay to give in to their cravings sometimes, but make sure it is in moderation. Give them something they want to eat as a reward for them, but do not make it every day.
  • Make sure to always give them fruits and vegetables and level up their meals by involving them. Ask them what they want and give them options too that are appropriate for their diet.

Trusty Companion Home Care is a provider of daily living assistance. We can be your trusted companion for your or your loved ones. We make sure that they will be receiving the optimum care that they receive.

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