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Health Benefits of Dancing for Seniors


Dancing has existed for thousands of years in human history. Dancing is enjoyed by people of many cultures and countries, and many incorporate it into numerous festivities and events. Dance is good for the soul as well as the body, and anybody can learn basic dance moves with sufficient practice. Even a senior who require daily living assistance can benefit from dancing as it is a gentle and painless way to exercise.

As a provider of non-medical services in Pennsylvania, we believe that the following are some of the many benefits of dancing for seniors:

  • Improves Heart Health. Low-impact cardio at an activity level that generates many of the same cardiac and pulmonary benefits as standard cardio activities is provided by dance.
  • Improves Bone Health. Movement enhances bone strength because it increases bone mass.
  • Helps with Weight Control. Dancing is a total-body workout that burns calories.
  • Boost Agility. We lose our capacity to move fast and effortlessly as we become older. Dancing aids in the recovery of some of your agility.
  • Improves Flexibility. Dance keeps joints open and allows for more movement with less physical discomfort, which helps elders prevent other problems.

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