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Common Errors When Taking Medications

common-errors-when-taking-medicationsMedication management is a part of Home Care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We use medicines to cure the illnesses of seniors or lessen their symptoms.

However, medication errors can happen at home. If you neglect these occurrences, your Daily Living Assistance for the elderly can compromise. And can cause more health issues instead of solving them.

When do medications become dangerous to health?

  • Combining medications of the same type
    This conflict happens when you take two or more different tablets with the same content or active ingredient.
  • Taking the wrong pill
    You are starting a new type of medication. Chances are, you may forget about its purpose and take it for pain or other symptoms.
  • Double dosing
    There are instances where you stop popping a pill momentarily, trying to remember whether you already took the day’s dose or not, but take it anyway.
  • Sharing prescriptions
    Your symptoms may be the same but have different disorders. Sharing medicines might cause adverse reactions and worsen conditions.
  • People stop their treatment when symptoms are gone.
    Some people stop taking medicines without their doctor’s knowledge.

When these events happen, there will be an instance of overdosing, allergic reactions, or even poisoning. Non-Medical Services in Pennsylvania will keep elderly clients safe from any form of harm. So we should do preventive measures like creating a schedule for medicine intakes and organizing their medical kits. And make sure they visit their physicians regularly and follow their instructions.

Trusty Companion Home Care can do that for you. To know more about our services, call us at 215-948-9840.

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